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           Symptoms from Occipital Neuralgia respond well  when
























                                    Treatment Goals


  • normalization of structure of neck

  • normalization of trigger points, trigger point referral zones, and related of muscles

  • Mobilization cranium including the occiputal and OM (occipital/mastoid)

  • mobilization of splinting immobilization

  • increase range of motion

  • diminish, ischemia, fluid and inflamation

  • release muscle spasms

  • relieve nerve entrapments from adhesions spasms, scar tissue

  • normalize energy flow through accupressure meridians

  • increase energy flow through damaged tissues for healing

  • release charachter armor

  • release clients emotional charge

  • alleviate pain

























Many motor vehicle accident victims will experience multiple injuries as well as emotional trauma. The combination of Quick Release Technique and advanced massage therapy techniques is very effective. Although the whole body is involved, several conditions that occur in the head, neck and shoulders as a result of a motor verhicle accident are:

  • misalignment of the structure of the neck, usually a reverse curvature

  • splinting by the body to immobilize the neck due to damaged tissue

  • myofascial holding patterns that limit the range of motion of the neck and shoulders

  • emotional stress creating pain and contraction tissue that is blocking the experience of the pain or emotion

  • cranial distortions and compressions

  • nerve entrapments resulting from tightened in spasm

  • adhesions scar tissue and damage tissue

  • swelling and inflammation of cervical muscles

  • inflammation of cervical muscles

  • inflammation and swelling of nerve tissues

  • shortening of the soft tissue in the posterior neck, causing a jamming of the occiput, atlas and axis


The application of theses treatment protocols will address the condition and relieve whiplash symptoms by:

  • releasing the reverse curvature of the neck allowing the client to lie more comfortably in a supine position

  • mobilizing muscles that have become splinted to protect the injured area

  • initiating the release of the myofacial holding patterns

  • mobilizing the energy that blocks the experience of pain or emotions surrounding the accident

  • initiating the release of muscle spasm taking pressure off nerve entrapments

  • decompressing the cranium and mobilize the occiput

  • reducing the swelling and inflammation of cervical muscles and nerve tissues

  • mobilize the occiput, atlas, and axis

  • reducing the pain in the trigger points referral zones

  • opening the acupressure meridians to increase the energy flow through damage tissues tissue for healing.

Neck And Shoulders

individual fiber strokes release the chronically shortened myofacial fibers that hold distortions in the neck and shoulders, causing pain, limiting range of motion, and severely restricting proper function of the muscle. These fibers include scar tissue adhesions within and between muscles and layers of facia, bunching and thickening of fibers around muscle attachments, and bunching and thickening of tissues around joints. Significant results are usually achieved by using specialized myofascial release protocols integrated with cranial release.


Many clients show up for therapy with various types of

headaches, and neck and shoulder problems causing head

aches, that can be the result of of numerous conditions:







  • misalignments in the neck caused by injury, stress,or chronic structural patterns

  • energy blockage

  • a clients compensation for pain

  • emotional stress at the time

  • cranial compression that lock the occiput or OM (occipital/mastoid) sutures

  • nerve entrapments resulting from tightness of spasming muscles

  • scar tissue and adhesions creating tension in the soft tissue whether from structural compensation or or from external stresses or injuries

  • swelling and inflammation of cervical muscles entrapping nerves and also inflaming the nerve tissues passing through them


The application of these treatment protocols will address these conditions and relieve headache pain very effectively by:


  • releasing trigger points associated with contracted muscles.

  • releasing distortions in the neck (forward head posture or reverse curve, ridgid military neck and the jamming of the occiput and atlas). This allows significant improvement in the structural alignment of the neck, which relieves symptoms.

  • mobilizing the occiput and the OM sutures which also improves the structural alignment of the neck and decompresses the cranium, both of which cause pain in the the head and neck.

  • releasing trigger points in the soft tissues allowing a significant reduction in the fluid and waste products (ischemia) found in the soft tissues that entrap nerves, enflame nerves, and shorten muscles.

  • reducing pain in trigger point referral patterns along nerve pathways in the head, neck and shoulders. and softening of the muscle spasms that entrap those nerves.

  • reducing inflammation with the release of these trigger points.

  • releasing the compensating patterns that have tightened or blocked other muscles of the neck creatig headache symptoms.

  • mobilizing the energy flow through the accupressure meridians clearing blockages that cause headaches.

  • releasing the character armor (tightened muscles to block emotion) with direct trigger point release, resulting in relaxation in relaxation of the muscle tissue and healthy flow of emotional energy.

  • releasing cranial distortions and soft tissue compression found with TMJ.


Relaxed Attitude

Learning to relax, being loose and letting the energy flow freely through us keeps the body from breaking down from being so uptight. People from all walks of life are breaking down like obsolete machinery. Movement of the machine is not what is wearing it out, it is friction. Resistance and opposition is friction. If we go through life fighting, resisting, opposing, arguing, we are bound to meet many obstacles. If we are always getting ready for the next problem that comes along, we can expect plenty of them. Aim to make little of the obstacle , and keep your mind on the objective, you will ultimately win.

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