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Are We Meant To Be?

In all honesty, I’m not for everyone. And that’s ok.

What I do hear a lot though is "Me meeting you was meant to be.". I do come from a deep place of centered awareness, but not everyone does.  Again, that’s ok. I understand that society needs me (and others) out there on the front line of alternative, noninvasive health and I have a responsibility to service that need.


 My client base varies wildly. The one thing I can say is, I get rid of chronic pain long term 70% of the time. Some clients only come when they are hurting, their pain goes away after one or two sessions and I don’t see them again. Some decide to straighten out their structure, become better balanced and eliminate their pain for the long term. Their issues didn’t develop overnight, and they understand that it will take some time and more therapeutic massage sessions to achieve their treatment goals.


While I work for clients of all types, I do have a “typical” client –


 I work on these clients because they typically believe good therapeutic massage (e.g.,core distortion release, along with effective soft tissue protocols etc) are both effective, and long lasting. But they are also very much in tune with what is really happening in their bodies. In fact, in most cases, they were led to believe that their condition was just due to the normal aging process. Or that surgery is their only option.


Here’s a small cross-section of recent clients and situations I’ve worked on. This should give you a good idea if I’m the right bodyworker for you:

  •  A 24 year old hairdresser with neck pain from an earlier auto accident and low back pain. Two pelvic balancing sessions and two head, neck and shoulder sessions eliminated her pain completely.

  • An 81-year-old woman who’s chronic low back pain disappeared after one session but she remained a client for now, after seeing the difference in her balance. 

  • An 18 year old college student who always had low back pain after about 4 to 5 hours on her feet. After 1 session, went on a trip with her mother to New York for seven days walking every day all day. Her mother called me to tell me she had no back pain the entire trip.

  • . A 63 year old aluminum contractor with neck and 10 year sciatica. Pain has been gone for 8 months now and his posture  is well blanced.

  • A 42-year-old RN with migraines so severe she couldn’t open the blinds in her house during the day fearing the pain behind her eyes would intensify. She waited 90 days after her first session to see if the headache would return. It didn’t, but she returned for her pelvic balancing session. 

  • A 53 year old financial advisor with sciatic pain for a few months, got 2 sessions and i didnt hear from him for a couple of months. He came back  saying his sciatic pain was still gone, but had a little tightness in his low back he didn't notice when he had the nerve pain.

  •  A married couple in thier sixties, her with hip pain, him with sciatic pain, skeptical at first, thinking no way a therapeutic massage could be what would help them, but both with no pain after about 3 sessions each and standing much straighter.  .went on for about 10 sessions after they realized the benefits. 

  • A 66-year-old retiree, who has no pain, but wants to improve his posture and golf game. Which he did after the very first session and continues to return periodically, claiming he feels results for months after treatment


Become my client - you wont be sorry!


that integrates energetic healing techniques, myofascial protocols and cranial structural release in most cases, is one of the most efficient ways to improve your posture and get rid of chronic pain long term.

Medical Massage




Good health is a gift from god. It is something you can treat with respect. Good Health isn't just something we want to just take for granted. It is a gift you have got to appreciate and take responsibility for maintaining. We know the things that are not good for us so let's start every day rejecting the things that are not good for us and accepting the things that are. There is a clear path to better health and wealth you just have to choose it

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