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Cranial Structural


  • Achieve life-long structural support changes in the first treatment

  • Release the core distortion found in all bodies to initiate the movement of the body into structural support

  • Achieve long term structural balance previously unattainable

  • Regain an additional 50% of muscle strength, balance and coordination

  • Dramatically increase the rehabilitation of at least 90% musculoskeletal problems

  • Achieve long lasting results from all your bodywork by having Cranial/Structural techniques

  • Release the structural restrictions of the core distortion before releasing the myofascial holding patterns within the soft tissue of the body.

  • Soft tissue therapy will support the unwinding process out of the core distortion into balance that is initiated with application of the Cranial/Structural techniques

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Back Pain

  Back Pain. There’s a REASON. Everyone is born with an anterior/posterior rotation of the hip bones and a tipped sacrum at the base of the spine. The RESULT – curvatures and instability in the spine and imbalances throughout your whole body. Accidents, injuries, and aging worsens it. Cranial/Structural techniques release this structural distortion! Once released this distortion doesn’t return! Many people who have suffered for years are now able to become pain free returning to normal life activities. A lady in her early fiftys, who had set work for low back pain that she had since she was a gymnast in her late teens told me "I feel like something's missing". 30 years of pain, gone!     Read More...

Performance Potential
Emotional Energetic  Release Therapy

Wonder why all the top money earning athletes on TV have a perfect posture? (look at them, the next time you watch an event) Because it allows them to perform at peak proficiency. That is one of the reasons they are winning.


People who use their bodies for almost any endeavor are utilizing their performance potential. This applies to everyone from a professional athlete such as a quarter back on a football team who has many levels of performance, to a “couch potato” who does extensive surfing of the internet. While this seems extreme to compare these two, both of them would benefit from having their performance potential unlocked.


One important aspect of performance potential is the development phase for tasks that will be performed during a lifetime. An example of this would be an athlete who must develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and mobility in order to become a professional athlete. Most people are born with the muscles, motor pathways, and structure to stand, ambulate, run, write, type, throw, punch, swing arms, and so on.   Read more...

Emotional energy can be stored for years and becomes stuck behind chronically tightened muscles. The chronically tightened muscles actually block the expression of desirable emotions like love and happiness, and restricts the expressions of fear, anger, and sadness leaving less desirable emotional energy jammed behind the tightened muscles. Painful issues from years past that are associated with this stored emotional energy are unavailable to be resolved.


The awareness and flexibility needed to release this energy is blocked by the tightened musculature.Much of the emotional pain that sends people to counseling is stored in the body as stuck energy, and thus is the cause of many physical conditions. Our culture has kept us from freely expressing emotions which has led us to become "emotionally constipated pressure cookers". We are taught not to express our emotions and are often shamed and abandoned if we do   Read more...


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