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Relieving Back Pain

By improving posture, without having to be

committed  to daily  exercising is attainable

most of the time. Many times,  back pain relief  

can be  acheived long term or completely

eliminated by realigning  the body. Finding  a

therapist that has the training and abilities to accomplish this, can  be a good start.  Recent research made public on back pain treatment listed massage therapy as one of the most important effective options. It was also obvious in the description, that very













precise therapeutic protocols be used. Some therapists have the tools and are in line with the level of therapeutic work on which the study was based.


It is too bad that a lot of people that experience back pain sought out massage therapy when their symptoms first appeared and did not have any long term relief. So… they don’t feel massage therapy is any more effective than any other treatment. Even good deep tissue work on the tissue directly attached to the spine, can only have limited results.


Without bringing the pelvis into balance to support the spine with long term improvements and treating not only the muscle bodies, but the facia, most gains are temporary. Facia is what governs the shape and length of the muscles. Adhesions lock and limit the bones from moving out of the imbalance and compress nerves.

 A protocol that includes the release of fluids, toxins and inflammation, the release of the ineffective myofascial holding patterns that support the structural collapse, and then release of scar tissue and adhesions that compress nerves and prevent balancing of the rest of the structure, makes a therapist able to provide a level of treatment that results in significant back pain relief in the first session. 




 Lasting Pain Relief

18-year-old Faith came to me with consistant pain in her lower back. What she said  was "I just need to stop slumping." 

I'm using these before and after photos of her because she's thin and you can clearly see exactly this distorted spiral that everyone is born with. These results were achieved after three sessions on her. The cranial release integrated with the soft tissue protocols moved her body out of the spiral permanently.

No more "slumping" or pain.


Research done by the Institute that trained me indicates that every person on the planet has this spiral. Most doctors would agree that just about everyone's pelvis is tilted.


You can stand in front of a full length mirror in your underwear and look at your body and see for yourself that you have it too, unless you've had this type of body work done, or you are committed to a daily stretching routine.

It may not matter to you.  If you're suffering from chronic pain, it will matter, and more than likely will get rid of your pain. Also keep in mind all these techniques ar non invasive 


Feel free to message me with any concerns you have,





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