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Cranial Structural

Cranial Structural techniques unwind the body releasing what is called core distortion    read more.....



Degenerative, Herniated and Ruptured Disks           

Numbness in the hand

Tennis elbow

Nerve conditions

Pain in the wrist and forearm              Pain radiating down the arm

Emotional Tension                       Finger numbness

Osteoporosis                          Weakness/clumsiness of hand

Disk Problems                       

Rotator Cuff  Problems                   Headaches 

Cluster headaches 

Acid reflux   

Fallen Arches


Plantar Fasciitis 


Restless leg syndrome 


Nerve Entrapments                

 Siatica Relief

Muscle Spasms from Structural Misalignments 

Hip pain


Chronic Fatigue                  

Rehabilitation after hip replacements          

Conditions of the upper leg and groin pain

Whiplash (flexion/extension injuries)


Calf Pain and Cramps

Ankle and Foot Conditions

Ankle Sprains/ Strains

Hiatal Hernia 

Rheumatiod Arthritis                       

Groin strains

Auto accident injuries                          Hamstring Strains and Pulls


Neuritis Due to Disc Displacement

Cerebral Palsy                   

Injury to Lumbrosacral Nerves

Multiple Sclerosis                      

Lumbrosacral Nerve Irratation


Knee Conditions

Post Surgery Rehabilitation of Knee

Realignment of Knee

Patellar Tendonosis

Thoratic outlet syndrome 

Heel Spurs

Hip pointers

Fibromyalgia and Arthritis                    

 Hip degeneration


Conditions that improve with core distorsion release

“God’s gift to you
is more talent and ability
than you will ever use in one lifetime.
Your gift to God
is to develop and utilize
as much of that talent and ability as you can, in this lifetime.

Bob Proctor

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