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Wonder why all the top money earning athletes on TV have a perfect

posture? (look athem, the next time you watch an event) Because it

allows them to perform at peak proficiency. That is one of the reasons

they are winning.

SET work helps the muscles, structure and organs of the body perform at

peak profiency so that you are delivering your A game. SET removes scar

tissue that can bind,  resrict and decrease power. SET can help people

overcomeemotional stumbling blocks that stand in the way of success. 


 SET work is the tool winners use to increase their edge and keep their muscles in top shape. Perfecting you’re A game lies in how quickly and fully your muscles respond as you play. Just working the area of complaint without balancing the structure leads to limited results and prolongs the loss of potential











  • Most athletic endeavors require running and co-ordination. This is severely limited by the 40% loss of strength and function of at least 1/3 of of the major muscle groups in every person who has not had the core distortion released. 

  • When we treat young developing children with athletic skills, we see a more rapid increase of their athletic skills at an earlier age.

  • Teenage athletes usually have developed their abilities more than the younger athletes and will see an instant rise in their skill level in their sport.

  • Professional athletes are competing at the top of their sport where tiny variations of speed, strength and function make the difference between success and failure. They hardly, if ever reach their expert level without umpteen injuries along the way.

  • There is an equal aid to weekend warriors. Increasing muscle strength and function will play a big part in their ability to engage in whatever sport at whatever level.

  • Massage therapists that know how to release the core distortion in athletes help them achieve their maximum potential, avoid injuries and extend their careers



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