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If you need a specialized massage therapist for pain relief, then look no further.

Isn’t the internet awesome? You're in Sarasota, you've been looking through the list of massage therapists for pain rehabilitation, and you just found the ideal therapist. Excellent! 


Here’s what can be done for you: Produce tangible results, bodywork that clearly is beneficial to your well being. Perform – precise therapeutic protocols to:


  •  Balance and straighten posture

  • Get rid of chronic pain, long term

  •  Increase athletic performance potential

  •  Make  joints more mobile

  •  Initiate the unwinding of the body out of distortions and into balance

  •  Bring the body permanently out of the distorted holding pattern it has been in  since birth. Once released this distortion doesn’t return

  • Accelerate the process of balancing the body 10-fold 

  • Add 30% of strength to 1/3 of major muscle groups 

  • Resolve the weight bearing issues between the sacrum and the ilium

  • Release energetic and emotional blockages that have created pain, distortions and dysfunctions



Why Hire Me?

Well, because you want a therapist that’s good. Really good. In fact, as long as you weren’t yearning for a relaxation massage. This type of bodywork is probably exactly what you were looking for and is all I do.  Focusing all my attention on my client and being 100% present every second during a session.


Don't get me wrong here..just about any massage you get is going to be beneficial to your health. So I'm not trying to knock any type of therapy that anyone else does. I have just seen the results of other therapies for the specific conditions that I mention on this website and let's face it, not everyone is going to stay committed to an exercise/stretching routine for the rest of their life. Google "pelvic balancing" and see for yourself or click here. This particular type of therapy brings somebody out of the spiral they have been in since birth permanently and the results are very long-lasting, so in other words you're not going need it forever and you can go back to getting relaxation massages or whatever it is you're used to, if any. Using these protocols on a client with neck pain that radiated numbness down both arms and could not even lie on the table without screaming in pain, and eventually making that pain completely go away is a very powerful healing technique. Similar things happen with this type of bodywork all the time.

















 These photos were taken between this clients 4th and 5th sessions of 10, with no more sciatica after the 2nd session. He told me "joggers would pass me when I was walking my dogs and I would think to myself. I'll never be able to do that again. It's not pretty when I run, but I am now able to do it."


Want More: Also working on other therapists from out-of-state who just sought out this treatment (from a brochure someone gave them) and were trained by some of the best myofascial experts in the country, I noticed their pelvis was not balanced. It was when I finished and probably still is today.


Signifacant results are usually seen after the first session. Not always, but about 70 % of the time. I really don’t think anyone can give you a 100% guarantee that their therapy will work. If they do... you'd better run the other way.


Many of my clients... I bump into  a year or two later and I ask them how they're doing. The usual  answer is "good, still no pain."   I always ask them " How long did you have that pain?" (typically sciatica, low back or neck pain.) I have heard this a lot "Longer than I can remember." In other words, I make myself obsolete.


Lastly, you’ll simply enjoy working with me. Being one of the therapists that gets my happiness from other people's success (That would be you, right?)


24 year old Steven (below) had  3 Sessions for low back and neck pain
Your posture could have a lot to do with back pain

People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.

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